Unique finding while showing homes for sale in Anthem today…

It doesn’t take long when out showing homes for sale in Anthem AZ to see some unique items out for display in the seller’s house.  You see everything from weird paint color choices and carpet selections to things hanging that typically are found on the floor to window treatments thought only to be seen in a Broadway play.  You never think to yourself, “Wow, I now have seen it all!”  This is because the last “head turner” only serves to prove to you that you have many other homes with which to see the insides of in the NW Phoenix area, and any one of them is ready to entertain you!

So this brings me to today’s unique find…

Oh, and I should also tell you that not all of what is seen is something one would classify as, “I cannot believe they did that to their house!”  More often that not, it’s, “That is so cool.  Why didn’t I think of that?”  The ladder is what brings me to todays diatribe…

I am out showing my buyer a few homes in Anthem AZ this morning, and we came to one of our final selections.  (There are not a whole lot to be seen these days, as many of you know!)  The listing agent meets us at the door for a bit of a “guided tour” of this very nice home, and I notice that the kitchen has two refrigerators in it.  This is normally not something to notice other that the fact that this particular home for sale in Anthem AZ is only around 1,300 sq. ft. – rather small to require two refrigerators in my book!  To top it off, the other fridge is being placed in the home’s kitchen nook!

Upon closer examination, I see that this is going to be one of those new “ah-ha’s” for me today!  The extra refrigerator is being used as a cold distiller and has even been modified to include four separate taps… very cool.  The sellers are avid beer lovers and have gone to great lengths to instill this passion into their daily lives.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)  The seller’s agent went on to tell us how the sellers were recently married and served their home brew to all their guests – some 100+ people!

Microbrew Refrigerator in Anthem Parkside            Refrigerator with taps in Anthem AZ


Microbrew Refrigerator in Anthem Parkside

You can see in these quick photos that there is a good deal of science that goes in to these unique flavors of beer.  I must say, not being an avid beer enthusiast, myself, I was quite impressed with the effort this couple displayed in their beer-making passion.  Though my buyer client chose not to place an offer on this home in Anthem AZ, it was fun to see another unique aspect to an Anthem Parkside home for sale.

By David Myers

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